The cold war had missiles, but it also had rock and roll.

East Berlin, 1977 – In a monochromatic world where Western culture and religion are strictly forbidden, Bernhard Heidt – a bright young engineer in the Stasi Secret Police – is given the task of jamming the signal of illegal radio stations playing rock & roll.

A chance encounter with a group of young revolutionaries throws Bern’s life into a tailspin. He discovers a passion for this intoxicating music, his love for Maja – a beautiful, free spirited rebel girl – and the truth behind his own family’s history.

Caught between love, rock & roll, and the Communist Party, Bern must grapple to understand what it means to be truly heroic, what it means to be family, and what it means to be free.

the songs

Radio 930 is the first musical with a score comprised of ‘70’s rock & roll hits – Jimi Hendrix’s All Along The Watchtower, The Moody Blues Question, Cheap Trick’s I Want You To Want Me ….

…. plus the
deeper tracks known as Album Oriented Rock (AOR) – The Tubes’ What Do You Want From Life?, Chicago’s Where Do We Go From Here, and T.Rex’s Children Of The Revolution.

The show’s score features the original music that opened minds and inspired millions behind the Iron Curtain, now re-imagined for the stage …

… so evocative you are instantly transported back in time.

The 1970’s were the era of pet rocks, waterbeds, and “Have a nice day!” But they were also a decade of East/West tensions and tumultuous change, much like the political climate we face today.

It is Radio 930’s belief that the art form of rock & roll music will have continuing impact on the 21st Century’s global movement towards freedom and human rights.

creative team

back story

opening 2019

Plans are now underway for Radio 930 to open as a developmental production in 2019.

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